Two Brothers


Two brothers are taking a stroll through the woods behind their house. They come to a road and throw rocks at cars that pass by. Then they block the road with wood to block traffic. A car stops and the driver comes out to get the wood out of the way. That’s when the two brothers light a newspaper on fire and throw it in the car. The car catches on fire and explodes. The two brothers run away into the woods so the man won’t catch them. They find a nice spot on a hill under a tree and relax there. All of a sudden the man poppes up and grabs both of them. He puts them in his destroyed car and they drive to his factory in the sky. The car begins to ascend to the sky up to the factory but the two brothers jump out and dive into a near by lake. Then the factory transforms into a robot that starts attacking them and begins to chase them. They run through a field with the factory following them in the air. Then they see two bright lights in the sky streaming towards the factory. The lights colide with the factory and it explodes. At that moment the two brothers a jolted and wake up under the tree and see two bright lights flashing through the sky. They get up and head towards the lights’ direction.