Village Woman

mixed media- acrylic paint, 3D colage (matting board and fabric) on wooden board 19×27


In this painting the background is acrylic paint. The woman is cut out of matting paper which is painted, wraped in different fabrics and nailed to the wooden board. The fence is also cut out, painted and nailed to the canvas.
This painting is about a girl who got kicked out from a village. She told some townspeople that their money, gold and jewelry is cursed and she will cleanse it and bring it back to them. So they put everything in a sack and gave it to her. She then came back with the sack and told them that the work is done but to not open it for 24 hours because the energies are still settling down and if they open it to soon the curse will only get stronger. When they finally opened the bag they found nothing more than shredded pieces of paper and wood chips. By that time the woman was long gone with their money and jewelry.

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